We will discuss the following topics.

  1. Statistical learning formalism of machine learning
  2. Neural networks under this formalism
  3. Energy-based learning
  4. Neural neworks and energy-based learning

Textbooks and References

  1. Shalev-Shwartz, S., & Ben-David, S. (2013). Understanding Machine Learning: From Theory to Algorithms.: chap. 1-7, 20
  2. Lecun, Y. (2016). A Tutorial on Energy-Based Learning.

What will be covered

Chapter 1-6, 20 of the book Understanding Machine Learning: From Theory to Algorithms.

When and How

The discussion is online through Skype/Wechat. It is usually held during the weekend.

This is the so called Russian style seminar.

  1. Everyone will get their chance to lead the discussion.
  2. Interrupt and ask for any questions.
  3. Do not be carried away by the time schedule. The next host will pick up whatever has not yet been finished.